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We believe your prescriptions should always be in your control. We empower our customers with the ability to refill prescriptions through the FillMyRefills website or app.

refill your rx now with FillMyRefills!

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24/7 Refills

With FillMyRefills, you can easily refill your prescriptions at Park Chemists without making a trip. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online ordering no matter where you are. We accept refills 24/7. Our customers will also receive helpful text messages or email alerts when your Rx is ready. It’s that easy at Park Chemists!

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Mobile Access

You can also download the user-friendly FillMyRefills APP on your smart phone! With our app, you can refill your prescriptions in the palm of your hand! You will also have the ability to see your comprehensive medication profile as well as how many refills remain  on all of your prescriptions.

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